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Stage 2 Cervical Cancer

Stage 2 Cervical Cancer – Cervical cancer early diagnosis and staging are essential in treating and overcoming this disease. Cervical cancer, as most types of cancer, shown no early symptoms that could warn you of the progress of the disease. However, it remains one of the easiest to prevent forms of cancer, by taking regular Pap screenings and monitoring you health state. This can give you the chance to detect any abnormalities even before they turn malignant and you have a 100% chance of curing such precancerous condition, also known as dysplasia.

Staging the cancer is also essential is developing the correct treatment plan as cervical cancer in different stages responds differently to the same type of treatment. The more advanced the stage the less effective the treatment and the poorer the survival prognosis. Cervical cancer goest through 4 stages from being non-invasive to reaching metastasis.

For example, if stage 1 cervical cancer is diagnosed the tumor can be removed through surgery but if stage 2 is diagnosed treatments can include surgery but are most likely to depend on chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Stage 2 cervical canceris the one of which Pap screenings have been most effective in reducing incidence. The staging indicates how far the cancer has spread and in this case, the cancer is likely to have grown beyond the cervix and uterus without spreading yet to the walls of the pelvis. This stage can be further divided into two other phases.

Stage 2A implies that the cancer has not spread into the tissue surrounding the cervix but is possible to have reached the upper part of the vagina. Lymph nodes however have not been affected yet and neither have other distant sites. For a more accurate diagnosis and approach, stage 2A can also be divided into stage 2A1 and stage 2A2.

In the first one the tumor is not larger than 4 cm while in the other the tumor is bigger than 4 cm but both haven’t spread to the lymph nodes. Stage 2B indicates that the cancer has spread to the tissues surrounding the cervix but has still remained limited as far as reaching lymph nodes or other distant sites is concerned.

Treatment for this stage is mainly based on chem otherapy and radiation therapy. Prognosis for this stage is poorer than for the preceeding stages but it still offers a good chance for treatment.In most cases,stage 2 cervical cancer i s cancer affecting the surrounding tissue and it offers a different prognosis for each of its secondary stages.

The women that have been diagnosed with stage 2A cervical cancer have a 5-year survival rate of 70% to 90%, which basically means that 7 or 9 out of then will survive through treatment.  For stage 2B, the statistics are lower. The 5-year survival rate can drop to 60 or 70%, meaning that only 6 or 7 from women diagnosed with it will survive.


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