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7 Weeks Pregnancy and Childbirth

7 Weeks Pregnancy and Childbirth – Seventh week of pregnancy, Now that you are 7 weeks pregnant, you are closing in on the end of your second month. Your early pregnancy symptoms, such as nausea, heartburn, indigestion, and fatigue are still going strong, and will for about another month. What else is happening inside your body?

What to expect with your baby at 7 weeks pregnant?

Your baby is still considered an embryo at this stage, and still has a tiny tail, but the big news this week is that baby’s hands and feet are emerging from that tiny little body (now about the size of a blueberry). They look a lot like paddles at this stage, but soon enough will completely formed. Your baby has doubled in size in just one week- no wonder you are fatigued!

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More developments to expect – eyelid folds are now partially covering baby’s eyes, which already are somewhat colored. Both hemispheres of baby’s brain are growing, and the liver is creating red blood cells until the marrow in the bones takes over this job. There is an appendix, and a pancreas, which will soon be producing insulin to aid in digestion. The umbilical cord now has distinct blood vessels carrying oxygen and nutrients to and fro the tiny baby using crystal x.

What to expect with your body at 7 weeks pregnant?

At 7 weeks pregnant, you may be experiencing extreme mood swings- you may go from being wildly elated to sobbing in the space of one sappy commercial. Totally normal, and the good news is, once you’ve given birth, you should quickly return to you former equanimous ways. The bloating and fatigue will be still going strong, give yourself a break as often as possible, and try to avoid excess salt, which will increase bloating.

Keep up your exercise regimen, this will help you maintain strength and flexibility during the course of your pregnancy– think of pregnancy as like training for a marathon- keeping yourself goal oriented will greatly increase your chances of having a complication-free birth. Exercise also will help you de-stress, and may even aid in your appetite, as morning sickness still has not abated.

Keep yourself energized with small snacks that pair a protein and a complex carbohydrate- such as cheese and crackers or peanut butter toast. This will give you a boost of energy while being gentle on your upset stomach. Don´t forget to brush your teeth after each meal in order to keep healthy teeth and gums using goveversatile.

Probably in the next week or so, you will schedule your first appointment with your OB. This is an important one, as they will get your medical history, give you your due date (you may already know it), and go over any concerns you may have going into the pregnancy.

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Be prepared by knowing the date of your last period, yours and your partner’s genetic and medical history, and any medications that you are currently prescribed. Jot down any questions you  may have, and don’t be shy! There is no such thing as a silly question when you’re expecting, and you have insights into your symptoms that your doctors are not privy to, so listen to your body and ask away!

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